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Oyuncu - MrPranklez
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We can finally say that the server migration is complete now since we have resolved all of the connection issues users were experiencing. With the recent release of the 1.19.4 update and the 1.20 coming closer and closer, I thought it would be good to further clarify why we migrated servers in the first place and how this will affect CorbaWorld. Due to this server migration we'll also be able to do things a bit differently compared to what some of you might have been used to before.

Survival world lifespan increase

A Survival server like the one we have is one of the most resource intensive servers to run. Servers of a 25k wordlborder can easily take up at least 100 gigabytes of storage. If you then include logging, databases, backups,… you can imagine that storage space can run out quickly. Not having enough storage can lead to catastrophic failures where rollbacks occur or even file corruption causing whole chunks of the world to reset to it's original form. 

We want to avoid these issues and increase the world size we can support in general and that's exactly why we decided to go through with this upgrade. 

General server performance improvements

Upgrading our server doesn't only provide us with more storage but it gives us even more flexibility in terms of events and the servers we create. This upgrade will also allow us to increase certain things like the simulation distance slightly and even hings like, chunk generation will be a TON faster allowing us to shorten the amount of maintenance required when expanding the world happens.

How does this affect the 1.20 update?

This is probably the thing everyone is most curious about, and we're happy to say that ***we won't be resetting*** when 1.20 comes around. This is due to multiple factors. 1- With Minecraft 1.18 chunk blending has been introduced this means that funky generation when upgrading versions of a world will no longer occur. 2- Due to the recent server upgrade we have significantly increased our storage that allows us to increase the server size even further. 3- We have seen more and more people start long term build projects and we want to support these for as long as possible and in order to do so we will simply not reset the server when 1.20 comes around.

New world size and a new spawn

We currently have a worldborder of 12.5k blocks and our spawn is the center of the world. We plan to move the center of the world and expand the worldborder to 25k in total. We aim to give everyone a feeling of joining a fresh world and by expanding the worldborder in combination with moving spawn and the world's center we can achieve just that. (This will happen together with the 1.20 update)

What about the 1.19.4 update?

With the minor version upgrades we had origially said we would be upgrading the world size by 2.5k, however with this update we'll be doing things a bit differently. In order for us to more easily do the 1.20 update we will hold off on doing any world expansions in the meantime. However, we can't just let an update pass by without giving you guys anything at all. 

Quests but optimized

Currently we are in an optimization fase, where we're reworking existing features and optimizing things in general. One of the things I would like to "optimize" is the quest system we currently have in place. It's rather clunky and requires a lot of work to configure just the way we want it. On top of that we would like to create more interactive lore based quests instead of task or job based quests. So the first step in this process is to split these 2 types of quests. So the first thing we'll be adding is a job based quest system. The exact details on how this will work will still need to be seen since we still have some work to do before this feature would be done. But we will be saying goodbye to our current quest system.

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