An Update on Updates

Oyuncu - MrPranklez
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With all the snapshots and pre-releases being released by Mojang and a bunch of new people joing the CorbaWorld Universe, I decided to zoom in on how we do updates, when we do updates and whether it's viable or not with the resources we currently have at our disposal. So in the light of our core values I would like to lift the curtain a bit on this thought process.

  • The Problem:
    You have all shown an incredible amount of support so far, in the form of voting, playing, donating, participating in events and so much more. We've been doing a good job to keep on top of things in regards to doing updates, fixing bugs and updating to the newest Minecraft versions. While this is all fun and great we are limited in regards to the amount of time we have for development. This means we can't really focus on things like developing the website, the wiki, polishing existing features or even adding more events, without sacrificing all of the small amount of free time we have.

  • The Solution:
    The solution I came up with will be twofold.
    • In order to increase the amount of development we can do as a team we'll be increasing the amount of members who are a part of our development team. So we would like to officially welcome @Jaela as a @Developer of the @CorbaWorld Team. This will allow us to keep up with updates and events we want to do and updates Mojang is working on.
    • To further allow us to focus on a few other things, like events, website development, wiki additions etc. we'll be spacing out the updates a bit more. And the rate at which we will make these updates will largely depend on you! From now on we'll only do an update poll once we've reached a certain target. This could be the amount of members that are a part of this Discord for instance. This means the more friends you invite the faster we'll get started on what's next. These targets will change over time as we grow and will allow us to ensure that we focus on quality over quantity as this will also be better in the long run.

  • What will we do now?
    As of late you (the community), have shown us a ton of support through donations and sponsorships and we even have more sponsorships coming. The the first thing we'll be doing with all of these donations is, upgrade our server. So far we've been using a solid system that does the trick, but as you know, technology advances incredibly fast and in order to keep up with all of Mojang's performance demands with the new updates we'll be upgrading our server machines. We host everything using dedicated devices allowing for maximum performance but this also requires some maintenance. So for this transfer we'll have some scheduled maintenance on the 3rd of march starting at 6 AM BST. This maintenance will take up quite some time as large amounts of data will need to be transferred from one server to another, so we can't be sure on how much time this will require.

    Last but not least the first target for our next update poll will be 250 members on this discord server. Once we reach this amount of members we'll do our next poll where you'll be able to vote on what update we do next!!!

We hope you guys are as happy with these changes as we are. This will allow us to increase the quality of our updates and also focus more on things like events, the website, our wiki,… to even further increase the quality of your experience on CorbaWorld!!!

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