A Builder's Refuge [v0.2.0]

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A Builder's Refuge

While it might not seem like it this will the biggest update we've rolled out so far, we'll be adding a whole new gamemode to the CorbaWorld multiverse, a Creative server. On top of that we'll be adding a small but game changing feature to the survival server that will allow for anyone to do as they please with the land they have claimed. Last but not least we'll be hosting a build competition to celebrate the release of the creative server. More info on all of these topics can be found below!

The Creative Server

  • The Creative server will be a place for our build team to call home to work on all of their projects.
  • This will also be a place where players can design and test farms to see if they would work and if necessary tweak their designs. While we can't fully simulate the Vanilla Minecraft experience we do our best to do this, but we can't always succeed. So in order to give everyone an environment where they can test these designs we made the creative server.
  • When you join the server you will be able to claim 1 plot. In total each plot is 64x64 blocks. You can increase the amount of plots you can merge through voting. With every 25 votes you will unlock another plot until you reach a total of 4 plots. This means the biggest plot you can have will be 137x137 blocks.
  • Donators will have access to all donator features that they otherwise have on survival as well since all features are purely cosmetic
  • What will we not have on the Creative Server:
    • Playtime that syncs with survival as this is not possible with our current system
    • WorldEdit or other building tools (we first want to ensure that everything works as intended before expanding things)
    • Player ranks (we first want to ensure that everything works as intended before expanding things)

Claim Flags

Currently control of claims is rather limited, you can only give restricted access to players to your claims (accesstrust, permisstiontrust or trust in general). So we've decided to expand this by allowing certain claim flags to be used to allow for further customization of your claims and even the ability to create your very own events and much more. Below you'll find a summary of all the claim flags that have been added; (we'll be making a detailed wiki this weekend with some more details on what the flags do and when you unlock which flags)

  • Default: NoOpenDoors, NoVehicle, RaidMemberOnly, AllowBlockExplosions, NoEnter, NoEnterPlayer
  • Farmer: AllowPvP, NoPickup, NoDrop, NoLeafDecay
  • Merchant: NotifyEnter, NotifyExit, EnterMessage, ExitMessage
  • Squire: BuyAccessTrust, BuyContainerTrust, BuyBuildTrust
  • Knight: NoGrowth, NoVineGrowth, ReadLecterns
  • Scholar: NoIceForm, NoSnowForm
  • Noble: NoElytra, NoChorusFruit, NoEnderPearl
  • Regent: NoFlight, OwnerFly, OwnerMemberFly
  • Emperor: NoMonsterSpawns, NoMonsters, NoMobSpawns

Sponsored Build Team Competition (by Pa7ches)

Last but certainly not least we'll be having a sponsored built competition held on the creative server. The build competition will start on the release of the creative server and you will have time to work on your builds until the 22nd of february. On the 22nd of february at 7 PM BST Matt and I will be going over all builds and judge them based on creativity, functionality and aesthetics.

As you can see by the title of this section this contest has been sponsored by Pa7ches. This means that we'll giving out some prizes to the first second and third place winners. What this reward will be depends on what ranks the player already has. So rewards range from an Amethyst rank to a Custom prefix. Everybody will get something so be sure to participate.

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