Updates - 24.03.2023

We can finally say that the server migration is complete now since we have resolved all of the connection issues users were experiencing. With the recent release of the 1.19.4 update and the 1.20 coming closer and closer, I thought it would be good t

Updates - 26.02.2023

With all the snapshots and pre-releases being released by Mojang and a bunch of new people joing the CorbaWorld Universe, I decided to zoom in on how we do updates, when we do updates and whether it's viable or not with the resources we currently

Updates - 18.02.2023

A Builder's RefugeWhile it might not seem like it this will the biggest update we've rolled out so far, we'll be adding a whole new gamemode to the CorbaWorld multiverse, a Creative server. On top of that we'll be adding a small but g